I just finished reading the first book.

I’m so excited to read Catching Fire, but right now all I can think about is Katniss.

(Of course, Peeta is constantly on my mind because he is spectacular, there is such innocence to his character - the genuine love he feels for Katniss)

The book ends in emotional turmoil for Katniss, and probably a sense of betrayal (to say the least) for Peeta.

I can identify with Katniss.

I dont know if I can explain it much more than that, but I just do…

Where does her heart lie? To whom do her emotions and devotions belong?

CAN she feel?

"…that its no good loving me…I do have feelings for him, it doesn’t matter because ill never be able to afford the kind of love that…" 

That someone deserves, that you deserve.

Where is my heart? 

Whom does it belong to?

I just want it for myself, I want to have control over my heart again - it seems almost lost.

Once in my possession, once I am able to feel, I want to give it to a man who deserves my love, I have so much of it to give.

I want to give it to my Peeta-

The one I want to have ‘cave’ moments with.

Like on the dunes, in the sand - snuggled together to keep warm.

If I can figure out a way through this “Katniss” state of my heart, will you be my Peeta?