the ones that make me reevaluate myself and everything going on in my life.

I just reblogged a post about… having the love of christ spewing out of your heart. SO MUCH SO… that a man (or flipping this around to a woman seeking a man) must know GOD before even getting CLOSE to the person.

I think about that, man… the man I’m with didn’t have to do that. 

Then I think some more… man… I didn’t have to do that for him either.

We are such sorry excuses for christians. Where is my relationship with God?

[Stuffs about to get real… like tumblr, deepest thoughts, real.]

Why would I be in a relationship with someone like that? someone who is just as unequally NOT trying as me?

If dating is to find the person you’re going to marry, why am I with someone who (thus far) cannot/won’t be the spiritual leader in our household?

oh lawd.

What am I doing with my life?

Am I with a man out of comfort? out of … being use to him?

I love him, yes.

But where is this going?

I guess this is an unfair question to ask anyone…

What if this is more of a negative effect on my walk with Christ than positive.

ugh. -_______________-

I hate it when I start seeing with the eyes of my heart, rather than with the eyes of my head.